Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Revolutionary new Toy Line coming quickly!

There is so much going on at once here at Dr. Krinkles LLC
I'm proud to say from launching just in 2009 that my company is starting to go full speed!

I have multiple apps in development , toy lines and fashion as well as other miscellaneous license deals signed

The most recent thing was just signed not too long ago and everyone on board has been working so hard and dedicated to the project it's truly a dream come true

often new companies I work with , have their own set speeds and it's very understandable as that's how the market goes with production schedules among many other details

but what I've been seeing lately is lightning fast and SO cool to see
I would post pics but I don't want to spoil anything
after all this is all coming out of the SECRET Laboratory muhahah!

for now This is Dr. Krinkles just peeping out for a little bit before going back to my wonderful lab!

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