Tuesday, March 7, 2017

S.E.E.A. the toughest business to grow.

First of all any Entrepreneur knows it's tough to be on your own. Any good one knows it's well worth it! The challenge is probably why they take it on in the first place or the fact that they can't allow themselves to follow direct paths like 95% of the world. But after 18 years of being an Entrepreneur I realized I'm part of an even smaller group one that I'm not sure exist in the way I did it. (Which is exactly what you need to stand out yet is the most daring and risk taking)

Allow me to explain, so 5% of the population is an Entrepreneur (this is ball park in USA/Canada) Most of those I'm going to say 90% (ballpark figure) have a business that has a direct path already carved out for them. Such as someone who owns a franchise or sell in real estate. Maybe they have an amazon business or a multitude of things that are not essentially easy by any measure but there is a blueprint to follow a map to view how it's done.

Now I'm not writing this article to say "I'm special" Not at all. I just am astonished that I found myself in a position that I realized 18 years in it that I basically made up. I'm calling it S.E.E.A. pronounced "see-a" . S.E.E.A. is a Self Employed Entrepreneur Artist. Not to be confused with your standard artist. A fully business oriented kind. From writing up contracts with major companies. Hiring agents for future business. Partnering with established companies and investors on new IP. To licensing apparel, toys, apps, jewelry, and so on.

It wasn't always this way for me. I intending for this and much more but I was just a kid wanting to be creative everyday. More importantly not wasting this creative energy on a job that I knew wouldn't go anywhere for me. Creative energy is something we all have but when suppressed it will hide so deep you may never find it again. Have you ever had an idea come to you in a blast (maybe late at night) and you were so excited but by the next day you laughed it off and thought ehhh that was dumb. Well, imagine if you just went with it or at least drew it out and gave it some considerable thought. If it's a new idea and you don't find much like it or it's a new space. That's the kind of creative energy I'm talking about. It's the fuel for my business and the main ingredient of what's left in all I do.

Before I get too far off though, I want to explain a little more about why being a "see a" S.E.E.A. is tough and how it doesn't essentially mean an artist but any individual whose utilizing creative energy to fuel their business that has a new path. The new path is what makes it hard and the creative energy is often looked at as crazy ideas. It's important to never let your business be a set path because the world is always changing. Constantly for good or worst it will and history shows us it always has.

CARVE A PATH, your own path and you'll find at first it may be tough to dig out your way. Carve it uniquely and watch others start to take your path. My path started in selling my work at my own shop and online. back in 1999 I had a strange store called "Monsters of Bulging elbows" It was like a D.I.Y. hot topic before I knew what Hot Topic was. it had anything and everything I enjoyed in it. Among comics,zines,t-shirts,punk cds, records,magic tricks, old action figures and much more I had my own original artwork hanging on the walls. My Art only sold to a 9 year old kid for a few dollars a pop. He was my real first "Collector" I soon realized I got a better feeling from selling something I made up than drawing other peoples characters or selling stuff you may find elsewhere (if you really look haha) So I decided to close shop and only place my art online so that I could have more time to create and less time sitting in a shop I owned.

This was the days of eBay glory. The days of website explosion and what I didn't realize was the best economy I'd see for who knows how long. So I exclusively sold on eBay till a London gallery reached out to me requesting I did a show which I believe was called Hind Street Gallery (it's been awhile) I didn't fly out to London for this but sent them about 30 smaller works of mine. Then a few months later with a check and less work they sent it back. I liked this idea but not as much as only shipping what I sell.

For a few years I never really left my house, I never showed my art publicly. But I had this feeling eBay and the internet wouldn't remain the best place for me to sell. So I decided to look for places to go that I could represent my work and meet my collectors face to face. I enjoyed this even more because I got to saw the joy people had from buying my work. I also decided to do more than just be an artist that sold original art.

I took the idea of my old shop having all kinds of things I loved and wanted to not sell others IP and ideas but create my own. I started with comics which was one of my true loves as a kid. I went from self publishing mini comics and things to getting published by others I had 3 different publishers making my comic books and as much as I enjoyed it, comics weren't paying me nearly what I could make off selling one original painting. After doing more gallery shows, mostly the kind I shipped my work off and waited for a check I had gotten a lucky break where a Japanese Fashion designer that went by N. Hoolywood aka Mr. Hollywood purchased an original of mine from a San Fransisco gallery and then asked if he could pay me a licensing fee to put it on t-shirts. This sounded like the easiest/coolest money. He already bought my art and now he wants to pay me more to put it on t-shirts sold in a Japanese fashion magazine. Menemoto I believe it was called ( I should google this) This was my first licensing deal. I loved the concept and used it as leverage to make future business deals. My next shop selling item I loved was toys, and after hard work and finding the right company I was licensing my characters that I sculpted into plastic and plush toys which even included mini comics about the characters.

The rest is history so to speak, as I don't want to write a book here. I sit here now 18 years in the game. Just 2 days ago my wife and I put on our first convention called Art Max Expo. Giving others a chance to be their own S.E.E.A to start somewhere and grow. to carve their own path and take a dive in the toughest business there is the 1% of the 5% the modern day rebel. The risk taker who bets on themselves rather than something that already worked. So if you run a business that has a backbone main ingredient consisting of Creative Energy and if you don't think up something new today your business will likely die tomorrow.... Then you're a S.E.E.A. and I shake your hand and smile to see you toughing it out here with me. To all of you Entrepreneurs and those who are going to decide to be "Think forward and Shine on" because now already happened and tomorrow may you shine in the light of positive creative energy! ---- Gus Fink

Monday, March 16, 2015

Newest Video game!

This is FrightShow Fighter , check it out and let me know what you think!
click below

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lots been going on , hence the late post

In today's living it's hard to keep up with blogs when you gotta be on top of a zillion other things
so I apologize on not having posted in over a year , It's not because of laziness but more so lots n lots going on.
1 thing is I will be going very virtual
signed an International deal with the leading Brand oriented company for Emoticons and Virtual stickers
and I'm very excited to have them come out
will try to get all of my brands in this format and even launch new ones especially for emoticons

Also been doing more with apparel and iphone cases
so keep your eyes out for that fun stuffs

of course we are also building the brands of "Gus Fink Studios" and will be releasing NEW String dolls of the Boogily heads among other cool things

I don't want to go on for too long but  I did just have the website updated to include a "Product" section
rather than the art since the Dr. Krinkles laboratory is mainly focused on the brands and what we make
while I used to showcase some of the finer art

OH and Yes of course new stickers should be coming out real soon
this is just one of them , doing between 10-15 different ones

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Roklienz On Tour! Skyrockets to #35!!

If you have an iPad , then you new my newest app "Roklienz: On Tour!"
it currently just jumped in the music/game rankings from being almost 400 - to #35 overnight!!

Check it out , it's absoultely free!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gooli Monsters plush toys coming soon!!

The Gooli Monsters have already been a success as the collectible plastic figure line
and now they are being turned into soft cuddly plush!

Were very excited to launch them as vending plush and will still be open to having them made into retail plush soon!

Always something new and exciting in the works here at the laboratory of Dr. Krinkles!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

get your Gooli goodness!

 Yes! The Gooli collection now has hit stores everywhere!
People have seen them in WalMart , Toys R Us and many more places so far
if you find them , take a pic and send it to me
or better yet get some and show us what you do with them!!
the fully painted ones are rare by the way , so try to get as many as you can find!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Coming together...

So right now I'm working on the third and 4th app
for iphone and ipad.

We launched our Gooli monsters in capsule toy form
and are prepping for them to be retail as well as vending plush (which is 2 completely different things)

all in all 2012 has been the busiest year for Dr. Krinkles
but I do plan for a busier , better 2013!!

I'm excited to unleash new things and make sure to create a better , brighter future for all!

 just a few of the many things accomplished in 2012!!