Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lots been going on , hence the late post

In today's living it's hard to keep up with blogs when you gotta be on top of a zillion other things
so I apologize on not having posted in over a year , It's not because of laziness but more so lots n lots going on.
1 thing is I will be going very virtual
signed an International deal with the leading Brand oriented company for Emoticons and Virtual stickers
and I'm very excited to have them come out
will try to get all of my brands in this format and even launch new ones especially for emoticons

Also been doing more with apparel and iphone cases
so keep your eyes out for that fun stuffs

of course we are also building the brands of "Gus Fink Studios" and will be releasing NEW String dolls of the Boogily heads among other cool things

I don't want to go on for too long but  I did just have the website updated to include a "Product" section
rather than the art since the Dr. Krinkles laboratory is mainly focused on the brands and what we make
while I used to showcase some of the finer art

OH and Yes of course new stickers should be coming out real soon
this is just one of them , doing between 10-15 different ones