Monday, December 19, 2011

00 yes 00

Hello and welcome to the wonderful blog of krinkles , Dr. Krinkles!
I type this as I work on my time machine
also my cat from the future is meowing super loud

he's funny because he looks like a rhino sorta

well you might be wondering what the heck is in store out of my secret laboratory for the new fun year that is right around the tv screen (better then corner)

it is Toys , yes that's the word of the new year but also TV and Apps!!!
fashion as well

so much is in store your mind might be blown , but then that sounds like I'm talking it up too much and I hate when other people do that
so don't expect much - just be happy

happy oh yes very! because you will see it all unfold
you are one of the lucky ones to watch it before it explodes!

without any promises of course or any elaborate details

I don't want to spill the beef before it rots in your belly

back to creating monsters for me

love and happiness to all and to all a good night?